MA Mod.B Series Screw Jack

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High-efficiency screw jacks

Acme screw jacks recommended for intermittent duty cycle
Long-life synthetic oil-lubricated worm gear
High precision worm gearbox, ZI involute profile, reduced angular backlash
Gearbox ratio from 1:4 to 1:32
Gearbox housing shape for a better heat dissipation
Input speed up to 3.000 rpm
Acme screw drive, travelling nut (Model B)
Standard acme screw 1- or 2-starts
Upon request 3- or 4-starts available

MA Mod.B Series acme screw jacks with travelling nut:

8 sizes standard available
Acme screw from Ø 18 mm to Ø 100 mm
Load capacity from 5 kN to 350 kN

Available accessories (*):
Incremental or absolute encoder for positioning control
Prepared for IEC standard motors, AC or DC motors, and brushless servomotors (special motor flange adapter available upon request)
Trunnion mount
Protective bellows
Worm wheel rotation detector
Safety nut
Acme thread wear level check
Adjustable backlash

More options upon request (*):
Fixing attachments in stainless steel AISI 303, AISI 304, on request AISI 316
Lubricants for high or low ambient temperature
Lubricants suitable for the food industry

1 – acme screw in steel C 43 (UNI 7847), whirled thread
2 – bronze travelling nut with fl ange
3 – worm shaft with true involute, ground worm profile ZI (UNI 4760), made in steel, case-hardened
4 – bronze worm wheel with true involute profi le ZI (UNI 4760)
5 – cast iron support of the worm wheel bronze rim
6 – acme screw fixed to the worm wheel through the cylindrical centring part
and LEFT-HAND (for push load) or RIGHT-HAND (for pull load) metric thread
7 – lock nut with the opposite direction metric thread to ensure safe acme screw fi xing
8 – acme screw – worm wheel pins against unscrewing
9 – thrust ball bearing for high load capacity
10 – gearbox
11 – low cover
12 – raised cover; may also be used as a spigot diameter
13 – radial bronze guide of the worm wheel, for increased stiffness and improved efficiency
14 – grub screw which prevents the threaded cover from unscrewing
15 – synthetic oil-lubricated worm gearbox
16 – radial lubricant seal
17 – O-Ring as lubricant seal
18 – breather
19 – oil level plug
20 – oil drain plug

Screw jacks MA Series with 1-start acme screw